Through the Acrobatic Arts curriculum, your child will gain confidence, coordination, agility, flexibility, and strength in Acro.  Acro Dance combines dance and gymnastic floor work. Our equipment is ergonomic and age/developmentally appropriate.

Ages 4+

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Ballet is the foundation of many dance forms. As your child grows the focus on creativity and expression increases through the context of proper ballet techniques. Ballet encourages development in fine motor skills, flexibility and self discipline. Ages 2.5+

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Intro to dance

Learn the basics of Tap and Jazz dance in the same class! A perfect introductory class! Ages 4+

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If just walking down the grocery store aisle without dancing isn’t an option, then Tap might be the class you’re looking for. Tap enhances the natural sense of rhythm. Make music with your feet and focus on understanding music, enhancing coordination, and creating sounds! Ages 4+

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From Parent and Child to 4 years old. Learn the basics of gymnastics technique using our age appropirate equipment

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Commercial Jazz fosters foundation skills in dance while keeping with the trends. Jazz is the fundamental dance style that dancers learn first, in order to become skilled dancers. Offered from beginner to Intermediate and Competitive Levels, Commercial Jazz is recommended if your child expresses a keen interest in learning how to dance or to progress their current training. Ages 4+

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Reality dance tv shows helped to bring this popular dance form to your living room. For the dancer who wants to expand their training and love for movement and improvisation skills. Ballet or Jazz experience recommended. Ages 10+

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Hip Hop Breakdance is the class where you’ll learn all the moves from your favourite games and pick up some hype breakdance skills while you’re at it!  This class includes conditioning, skills and fun all in one. No experience needed! For ages 6+

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If your child expresses an interest in more performing and more training, our TEAM program is perfect for them. We do things a little differently and we think you’ll love us. That’s why we have all of our pricing and schedules available to view whenever you want to check them out.

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