🌟 Embark on an Enriching Educational Journey with Our School Field Trips! 🌟

At The School, we hold a deep commitment to delivering top-tier, curriculum-based education to our valued clients, students, and their families. Today, we're excited to extend that same exceptional quality to both our school field trips and in-classroom courses.

We understand that educators often face time constraints that make it challenging to fully integrate dance, drama, or athletics components into their curriculum. This is where we step in. Our instructors, with their university-level education and expertise, are well-equipped to provide meticulously crafted materials aligned with the Ontario curriculum, ensuring a seamless and enriching educational experience for your students.

Field Trips


Prepare your students for a truly remarkable adventure through our school field trips, where we place a strong emphasis on holistic, high-quality education. At our institution, we prioritize the development of the whole child, blending the joy of learning with physical activity and creativity.

πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ A Dynamic Parkour and Hip Hop Experience 🎢

During our field trips, students will immerse themselves in 40 minutes of invigorating Parkour, where they'll hone their agility, balance, and creativity. Following this, students will explore the expressive realm of dance with 40 minutes of Hip Hop, nurturing both their physical and artistic potential.

🍏 Nutrient-Rich, Allergy-Conscious Snacks πŸ₯•

Recognizing the significance of nourishing both the body and mind, our field trips provide wholesome, allergy-aware snacks that accommodate various dietary preferences.

Committed to Safety: CPR-C Certified Instructors πŸš‘

Rest assured that your students' well-being is our top priority. Our instructors hold CPR-C certifications, ensuring a secure environment for all participants. We take safety seriously, allowing you to have complete peace of mind while your students explore their full potential.

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πŸ“š In Harmony with the Ontario School Curriculum 🍁

Our dance, athletics and drama units seamlessly integrate with the Ontario school curriculum, delivering an engaging and educational experience. This means that your students can enjoy a memorable field trip while fulfilling educational objectives in a meaningful way.

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