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Adult classes at the school!

Class cards can be used toward any of our Adult Classes! Here's how to join one of our Adult classes. 

1. Scroll down to view descriptions and purchase a class pass

2. Navigate to the classes you want and reserve a spot

3. Class cards will be deducted when you attend the class

Pro Tip: Check the hashtags!

Who says hashtags are dead? Hashtags are how we define our classes to help you choose which one might be the perfect fit for you. Looking for a specifically dance-based class? Look for #dance.

Do you prefer a more traditional cardio class experience? Look for #cardio or #groupfitness. Just another way we’re trying to make your life a little easier (and a little more Beyonce-filled. Cause, you know.)

Beat/Body/Barre Inspired by classical Ballet, barre and pilates with a focus on specialized programming for upper body, lower body and core strength and mobility. 50 minutes. (#music #dance #stretching #pilates)

Beat/Body/Flow Inspired by yoga and contemporary dance conditioning with a focus on stretch and strength through the use of breath. 50 minutes. (#music #dance #stretching)

Beat/Body/Dance: ICONS A fun fitness dance program with a focus on movement musicality, cardiovascular strength and confidence boosting choreography. Learn the iconic dance moves of Janet Jackson, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Beyoncé in 6 weeks. 50 minutes. (#music #dance #hiphop #cardio)

Beat/Body/Silks: Our aerial silks class is a dynamic fusion of strength, flexibility, and creativity. You'll learn to ascend gracefully, twist, spin, and strike awe-inspiring poses high above the ground. With a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts, you'll find a welcoming and encouraging environment where you can push your boundaries and achieve your aerial dreams. 50mins (#strength #musicfree #stretching)

Total Body Sculpt: No Jumping, No cardio class that makes you sweat by working your muscles. (#cardio #groupfitness )

Power Core Fusion: A Circuit class designed to increase your overall upper body and core strength. A different muscle group is targeted each class. (#cardio #circuit #music #strength #groupfitness)

Mom and Baby Bootcamp: a perfect class for moms looking for some baby snuggles and a great resistance/strength workout. Babies are the best personal trainers – as it’s hard to do a squat wrong when holding or wearing your baby 🙂 This class is a low impact, no jumping, strength class that will mix bodyweight, barre, and small weights for a fantastic toning workout. Most carriers will work for this class – with the exception of the sling. Babies should be secure. For all fitness levels and all stages of postpartum moms. Modifications are given to both increase and lower the intensity of the workout. Tone, Strength, Laugh and sweat. (#cardio #groupfitness #strength #baby #moms)

Mom and Baby Pilates: We provide a fantastic strength class mixed with low to medium cardio. All workouts are designed with your growing baby in mind and all can be modified regardless of your stage of pregnancy. Whether you start with us in your first trimester or thirds – the workouts are for all. Benefits of prenatal fitness: Reduce backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling. Boost your mood and energy levels. Help you sleep better. Promote muscle tone, strength and endurance (#stretch #strength #groupfitness #baby #mom)

Babies on the Move: We’ve designed this class for both the baby on the move and baby not so much on the move. This class has less structure – so if baby moves around – you’re not chasing.
Our Circuit class includes sets stations for mom – mixing between strength & cardio – mom is moving and so is baby 😉You’ll use exercise tools such as dumbells (light & heavy), medicine balls/slam balls, Kettle Bells, Bosu Balls and closed bands. Each station get’s your heart rate up and muscles feeling strong. (#circuit #cardio #strength #groupfitness)

Mom and Baby Yoga: Don’t miss out on this cute, cuddly and one of a kind yoga with baby. Babies can be incorporated into your yoga or can sleep, watch or play. (#yoga #mom #baby #stretch)

Dance Fit: Taught by the formidable Chantal Drolet, now in its 11th season! If you are one of our dedicated followers you already know the secret to this amazing class! Think of this class as Zumba's cooler sibling! Dance to your favourite songs and work up a major sweat! Bring a mat and hand weights. (#cardio #strength #groupfitness #dancebased #latin)