Our Philosophy

At the School we believe that it is our responsibility to present the arts to your child in a way that nurtures their whole selves. 

  • We believe that participation in arts programs develops children’s motivation, self confidence, improves critical thinking skills, provides fine and gross motor skill mastery and will provide children with the tools they need to lead a happy, confident life well beyond the school years. 
  • We believe in giving back to our community through performance opportunities and neighbourhood events
  • We believe that following an industry trusted syllabus allows students and parents to track progress and to advance to post secondary education if desired.
  • We believe that children should be “brought to the arts” in a fun, engaging and nurturing manner

Mission Statement: 

At The School we will follow a trusted, skill based and trackable curriculum, we will provide a safe space both physically and developmentally for our students, we will hire talented, kind and enthusiastic instructors and our pricing will always be transparent, straightforward and easy to navigate. 

At The School your child will love their classes, make new friends and cultivate a lifetime appreciation of the arts. 


The School not only offers amazing programs for my four year old daughter (who has an array of different interests in the creative arts), but it offers a warm and welcoming space for families to be together. It is truly a pleasure to bring her to her classes every week! I would highly recommend The School to any family looking for engaging classes for their children in an inviting and relaxed environment!

I have signed my son up for gymnastics and dance lessons at The School which were great fun. Also took advantage of their party offerings for his fourth birthday which I can’t say enough about. The ability to select an activity (from their many offerings) for the party, the flexibility to bring in your own food/decorations or have them be supplied, the staff who managed everything (from wrangling the kids, to set up and takedown/cleanup, food service and entertainment) AND the reasonable price? It was genuinely the most painless party planning experience I’ve ever had with 14 pre-schoolers and all their adults! 👏🏽👏🏽