Aerial Silks

aerial silks

In Aerial Silks, students will learn a variety of skills on our hanging silks. Aerial Silks classes combine the strength and agility of acrobatics with the grace and beauty of dance. Limited space to ensure each student gets ample time on the silk. Beginners welcome at any age!

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Aerial Intensive

Our aerial intensive is back, this time with 3 weeks to choose from! Whether you're a complete beginner or working your way to the circus, we have a course for you. Our intro class will get you ready for fall classes and teach you the basics. The experienced course will allow you to perfect your skills and advance to more difficult material.

This is a 3 day course. 5:00pm - 6:00pm
You should attend this course if you are a complete beginner to aerial silks or have taken less than one full season of training.