The School Creative Arts - Our Cancellation Policy

  1. Withdrawal from the program is permitted within 2 weeks of the next billing date.  You can send us an email to request this cancellation.  The last day of participation in the program will be the last day for which the class has been paid for.

1a). Cancellation prior to class start date: If you have NOT started your class yet and your class start date is more than 30 days in the future, a full refund will be provided. If your class start date is less than 30 days in the future a refund will be provided, minus a $30 administration fee.

1.b) Classes within the 4 week billing period that have already started and that you have attended will not be given refunds.

  1. c) In the event that a subscription is cancelled before the end of a 4-week term the client may attend any additional classes consecutively. ie: If a subscription is cancelled with 2 remaining weeks left, on ("week 2" for example) those classes must be attended on weeks 3 and 4.
  2. Remaining classes can be converted to credit on account by request.
  1. Spaces are limited. Once a withdrawal has been made from the program the clients understand that they are foregoing their spot in the program and could be placed on a waiting list should they decide to re-register.
  2. Makeup classes will be granted provided the following criteria are met:
  • Student has been notified of close contact and has been requested to isolate.
  • Student has tested positive for COVID-19 and therefore must isolate.

The make-up class is based on availability and similarity in activity and can only be authorized by the Directors or Administrative staff. 

- To book a makeup class you must call the studio directly.

- Classes cannot be refunded in the case that a makeup class is not available.


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