Birthday Party Info

Host your child's birthday party at The School!  

A fun party tailored to your child's interests will make them feel extra special.  Choose your party activity such as Dance Party, Parkour Ninja Obstacle and more - all inside our air conditioned facility. Enjoy free wifi and complete concierge service while you visit.

Make it extra special (and convenient) by choosing any of à la carte party options. You can customize your party with colourful decor, order pizza and supply coffee for friends.

We ease the stress of throwing the party so you can relax and enjoy yourself. The School team will set up the table and chairs for your child's party guests, keep the party moving and clean up when the party's over! 

Read more below for details ⬇️

1. The Party ($325)

- Up to 10 participants & 4 adults max (including the birthday child) Additional guests* are $10 per child.

*guests are any child participating in the activity over the age of 2years.

- 2 Hour Party: 1 hour activity of your choice and 1 hour use of the party space for gifts, food, cake, etc.

- Set up of tables/chairs and a personalized birthday TV announcement

- Full concierge service including food service & clean up. You won't lift a finger while our friendly staff does it all!

- 1 Free Class coupon for each loot bag


2. Choose Your Activity

DANCE PARTY: Learn the moves to create a music video with your friends *No additional fee

MUSIC VIDEO PARTY: Same as our Dance Party but we bring in a videographer to document their performance and create a video you can share with all guests. *$100 additional fee

CARTWHEEL CRAZE: Acro and tumbling fun on our kid friendly equipment! **If the party exceeds 16 or more guests you will require an additional room and instructor at a cost of $100.

PARKOUR NINJA: Learn Parkour skills and have fun running, playing and navigating the obstacles.** If the party exceeds 16 or more guests you will require an additional room and instructor at a cost of $100.

**Activities requiring an additional room are booked in advance and the fee cannot be removed if numbers do not meet over 15 on the day of the event

MINI PARTY: Our mini party is perfect for guests turning 4 years old or younger.* Our instructor will begin with welcome songs and activities (such as parachute, hoops, beanbags, etc) and then guide children through our obstacle based play areas. We'll play fun music and let them freely enjoy the space. Activity finishes with a closing game/goodbye song and activity.

*Adults must attend with their children and remain within arms length

*Mandatory for children turning 4 or younger.


3. Choose Your Options:

Colour Theme Decor ($75): Decorations in your colour choice: "Happy Birthday" banner, plates, cups, cutlery, table cloths, serviettes and streamers. Choose 2 colours. (Current stock: Robin Egg blue, light pink, Purple, royal blue, red, yellow)

Extra Set-Up time: ($30/30min) Subject to availability

Party Eats ($8/child): For children- Pizza 2 slices/guest (choice of 2 toppings), chips or snack, drinking boxes. Adult party eats not provided.

Coffee Station ($20): Add on a fully stocked coffee/hot beverage station complete with sugar, milk, cream and milk alternative.

Extra Party Time ($75/half hour): Extend your party time for up to 1 hour! Includes use of party room. AM parties will have an earlier start time, and PM parties will have a later end time. Use of party room only, not activity.

Additional Room: ($100) For certain parties with over 15 guests OR to host a toddler soft play area - see below for specifics.

Lobby Event Space: ($75) Adults are welcome to use the lobby as a waiting area at any time. If you would like to use the space as an event service area (food, drinks, etc) there is a charge.


4. The Details

"Guests" are any child who participates in the activity, regardless of age

Babes in arms are free

Adults are FREE!   Adult guests are permitted to a total of 1 per attending child. (Mini Parties are required to have 1 adult at arms length per child under 4 years.)

Total number of all persons in the facility (not including our staff) is 30.

Parents can set up 15 min prior to the scheduled party time and are allowed 15 min to pack up after the party. 

Big decor dreams? No problem. You can purchase additional set up time for $30/30mins.

Our staff will help hand out loot bags, handle absolutely all cleaning and assist with packing up.

Late exits will be charged $30/30min. Charge occurs after 10mins into the hour.

JUNE/JULY/AUG Parties are available Saturdays and Sundays 11am - 1pm and 230pm-430pm

SEPT-JUNE Parties are available Saturdays 300pm - 500pm and Sundays 400pm-600pm



Can I bring my own food?

- Sure! We ask that you do not bring nut products.

I want a character such as a pokemon or a princess, can you decorate with a theme?

- We recommend choosing our decor theme with 2 colours that match your chosen character. You can then bring character accents to match.

Can I come early to set up?

- The party rental includes 15 minutes to set up and 15 minutes to clean up and exit. (We help you do all of this!) Please do not arrive earlier. Additional set-up time is subject to an additional fee and availability. Currently at $30/30mins.

Can I bring in outside vendors?

- Yes, vendors such as face painters, magicians, etc need to present valid liability insurance and are welcome in our space. Vendors may cut into the activity time, in which case you forfeit the reamining activity time unless the instructor is still available. remaining

What restrictions do you have?

- We do not permit live animals inside the studio

- We do not permit bouncy castles or climbing apparatus

- No open flame (except for candles), no confetti or glitter.

- All helium balloons must be removed from the space at the end of the party.

Am I required to tip the instructors?

- Our instructors will do an amazing job no matter what! You are welcome to tip if you wish but it is definitely not required.

Where can I see photos or videos of previous parties?

- visit our instagram page and click on the Birthday Party highlight

Note: We do not have a fridge that can accommodate cakes.