Fit in February: 20 day fitness challenge


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to join the Fit in February 20 Day Challenge:

1. Join the Private Facebook Group:
- Search for the private Facebook group associated with the Fit in February 20 Day Challenge. After you register for the plan the group will be emailed to you.
- Request to join the group.

2. Receive Workouts and Challenges:
- Once you're approved to join the group, you'll receive access to daily workouts and challenges.
- Challenges will include a mix of fitness, movement, hydration, and nutrition tips.

3. Check Daily Posts:
- Every day, a new post will detail the challenges and activities for the day.
- This could include workouts, movement challenges, hydration reminders, or nutrition tips.

4. Complete Daily Challenges:
- Complete the daily challenges and activities as outlined in the group.
- This could involve completing workouts, staying hydrated, tracking movement goals, or following nutrition tips.

5. Share Your Progress:
- After completing each daily challenge, post in the Facebook group.
- Share a sweaty selfie, a picture of your workout space, your hydration bottle, or your nutritious meal related to the challenge.
- Your name will be added to the Grand Prize draw each time you complete a challenge.

6. Frequently Asked Question: What if I Miss a Day or a Workout?
- Don't worry if you miss a day or a workout. Rest days are incorporated throughout the 20 days, and weekends feature optional workouts.
- Use rest days to catch up on missed activities, and weekends provide additional opportunities to participate.
- Remember, the challenge is guilt-free and flexible to accommodate your schedule and preferences.

Here's what the plan looks like: 
Fitness Portion:
- Expect 30-minute workouts posted 3-4 times a week.
- Weekend workouts are optional, giving you flexibility in your schedule.

Movement Portion:
- Keep your body moving by tracking steps or movement goals on your Garmin or Apple Watch.

Nutrition Portion:
- Stay hydrated and explore nutrition tips provided during the challenge.
- For example, learn about healthy snack options like grapes to keep you feeling full and energized.

By following these steps, you'll be ready to embark on the Fit in February 20 Day Challenge and enjoy the benefits of fitness, movement, and nutrition support throughout the month!