What to look for when choosing a dance studio for your kids: Part four of our 5 part series:

Many parents are lost when it comes to choosing the right arts program (ie: Dance, theatre, circus, music, singing, etc) for their kids.

Here’s a few things to look for when choosing an arts program for your kids…

By now we all know that participation in dance programs develops children’s motivation, self confidence, improves critical thinking skills, provides fine and gross motor skill mastery etc etc. (I could go on!)
So the question becomes not “Why” but “which one”. Read below to find out what to look for when choosing a dance studio for your kids.

Read below to discover our top ten list of things to consider when choosing a dance studio for your child.


Gender Inclusivity/Unisex classes – This one relates particularly to dance classes but it applies to other creative arts forms as well… As I mentioned above, the benefits of the arts have been well documented for all ages, sexes, genders and needs. However we still see so many classes geared toward girls only. And by that I mean someone’s perception of what girls’ interests should be (but that’s a whole other post!) My point is – if your little person wants to dance, sing, act, tumble or fly, ask questions and find out what steps the instructors and owners take to make sure no one feels compartmentalized or ostracized.

Check back next week for Part 5: What to look for when choosing a dance studio for your child.

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