Elementary Level 2 Aerial Silks (Thurs)
Level 2 | Ages 10-13 | Thursdays @ 5:00pm | Performance Class |

$100.00 every 4 weeks

Length of class: 60 min
Runaway and join the circus! This class is for students who have had more than one year of aerial silks training. Students will learn a variety of skills and techniques on our hanging silks including Aerial acrobatics! Students will develop their core and upper-body strength, coordination, flexibility and confidence.

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What to wear to Aerial Silks…

We want our students to feel confident and comfortable.  Dress code requirements are for safety reasons and technical development and are applicable to all genders.  

All additional garments (t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, etc) worn on top of the dress code must be “The School” branded.

Please wear a bodysuit or form-fitting tank or t-shirt and leggings/footless tights.  No baggy clothing.  Skin should not be exposed on the body or legs.  Hair should be secured away from the face.  No shoes or socks. Feet and ankles should be bare.

What to bring?

Please clearly label all personal items with the students name

  • All personal belongings packed into one bag.
  • Water bottle with name clearly marked
  • Mask for the lobby/washroom breaks and personal hand sanitizer.
  • Please don’t bring jewellery/watches or cell phones.
Additional information
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Junior ages 8-10, Elementary ages 10-12, Teen ages 13+

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Junior Intro (0-1 year experience), Elementary Level 1 (0-1 year experience), Elementary Level 2 (2+ years experience), Teen Intro (0-1 year experience), Teen Level 2 (1-2 year experience), Senior Competitive

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