Kid Classes at The School – Creative Arts Education

All of our ‘Kid’ classes (ages 4-6yrs) are 7 or 8 week sessions and we accept registrations all year long. This allows your child to get comfortable enough with a discipline to know if it’s for them or not without a major commitment or cost. Of course you can always take a trial class first to be super sure.


Is your little one refusing to get out of the car today?

We’re parents too, we get that sometimes you just can’t get to class. For those days can you attend any other age appropriate class that we offer to make up for it. Anytime, until the end of the year.

Here’s what your little ones will learn…

At this age children continue to be taught using a play based and exploratory nature and begin to learn the fundamentals of dance, drama and music via songs, poems, repetitive movement and imaginative play. At this stage curriculum based vocabulary is introduced. Ie: “Shuffle ball change”.

Did you know?

We offer classes for every age group so all of your little ones can take their favourite classes all at the same time!

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