The Little School

For children aged 10 months – 6 years.

It’s about fun first!

Baby: Ages 10m – 18m

Toddler: 18m – 2.5

Preschool: 2.5-3 years

Pre-primary: 4-5 years

At The School, our classes for the under 4 year old crowd are 45min in length and you can choose a monthly no-commitment option. This allows your child to get comfortable enough with a discipline to know if it’s for them or not without a major commitment or cost.

We offer Parkour, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acro, Gymnastics/Dance and Combo classes for this age group.

We also offer flexible payment plans and purchase options. Scroll down to search by age or to view all Little School Classes.

Toddler Classes: Ages 18m – 2.5

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Preschool: Ages 2.5 – 3

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Pre-Primary: Ages 4-5

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All Little School Classes

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