How it All Works!

At The School, we do things a little differently… Read below to see how…
(and if we missed anything please let us know!)

We're All Professionals
All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals in their fields and are all Vulnerable Sector checked and First Aid certified.

Registration Fee
A $30 registration fee is applied once per year, per family to monthly payment plans and Little School Sessions.  Registration fees are non-refundable.  You will not be charged a  registration fee for camps, parties or special events. Registration fee is waived on Full Year Payments.

Fees are calculated based on the number of classes that fall in a session or season.  This means you only pay for the days the class is scheduled to happen and you are never charged for holidays.

Little School fees are priced per 7, 8, 10 or 12 week sessions.

Junior and Senior School class fees are priced per number of classes in a year (10 month season).  The monthly payments are broken down from a yearly price into the flexible payment plan of 10 equal payments.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for refund, credit and cancellation policies.

We offer may great incentives to help keep your kids doing what they love while taking the pressure off your bank account!

Full Year Savings: Save 5% off of EVERY Full Year Payment and no registration fee.

Little School Multi-registration Savings: Save 10% off each additional Little School registration purchased in the same transaction.

Junior/Senior School Savings: Save 10% off each additional registration for the entire season.

Camps: Save 10% off each additional registration purchased in the same transaction.

Afterschool Savings:  Save up to 15% daily!  The more days you attend the more you save. Save up to 15% on a same day 2nd class (5:30pm) registration.

Newsletter Savings:  Sign up to stay up to date with discounts, promotions and more.

Referral Program: Save up to 10% if a student or family you refer registers for any program. Call us for more details!

Register At Any Time
We accept registrations all year.  Certain programs have restrictions due to the benefit of consistency and nature of the discipline.  You may register for a new Junior or Senior School class until March 2020.

Progress Reports
Easy and frequent reports about what your child is working on in class through trackable skill reports.

No Commitment
Although consistency is best when learning a new skill, sometimes life happens.  Month to month payment plans allow you to cancel with 30 days written notice.  For example; if a cancellation is made October 1st it takes effect on October 31st.  Classes from October 1st - 30th will still be charged.

Can't Make it to Your Class?
Your child can take another age appropriate class as long as it's within the same month or session.  (Meaning you can't miss a class in September and make-up for it in December.)

You must call to ahead to register for the make-up class.  The make-up class is based on availability and similarity in activity and can only be authorized by the Directors or Administrative staff.

This option is applicable from September 2019 to March 2020.

Want to try Something Else?
Switch your registration to another class with 30 days written notice until February 2020. Registration transfer must be approved by The School and/or the Directors and be within the same age range/skill experience or ability and the class must be under capacity. A $25 administration fee may be charged.

Open House
There's plenty of opportunity to watch your kids in action.  We have two Open House weeks throughout the year.  This season’s are:

1. December 16-21 2019

2. March 9-14 2020

Open houses are an opportunity to get a close up view of your child's lesson.  Parents will have an opportunity to speak with the teacher during the last 10 minutes of the class.

Any class that is part of the Little School program will have an open house during the last 15 min of the class each session.

At The School we do recitals a little differently…

The final Little School show will happen in the studio. Think red carpet, black curtains, white lights and all the flare of a theatre - just without the 3hr timeline.

All students who take class from March to June (or Session 4) will perform in the final show.  Family and friends can pick and choose the show they would like to see and maybe spend some time mingling in the lobby with a rosé or two!

Little School Show:  Sunday June 14th 2020

Junior & Senior School Show:  Week of June 15th 2020 (TBC)

Other Performance Opportunities
Does your child love to be on stage?

Community event performances will be open to any student of The School.

We'll aim to participate in 2 community events per year.

Our goal is to keep costs low and to provide tasteful, age appropriate costumes. A part (or all) of each costume will be something students can wear again and will be minimal yet beautiful. (And for those who love bling we can add that too!)

A costume will be worn for the final June performances.  You can pay for your costume at any time and take it home as soon as it's ready and paid for.

Open Door Policy
Not sure what class to choose? Talk to us anytime!  We’re parents too and we can help.

In the meantime, here’s a shortcut to classes your kids might enjoy:

Love to sing and dance = Musical Theatre

Memorizes lines from Movies  = Drama Program

Bounces of the furniture = Parkour

Twirls down grocery store aisle = Ballet

Loves to make noise = Tap

Loves an audience = Drama Program

Is a tree climber = Circus Skills

Eager for More Training?
If your child expresses an interest in broadening their training or simply wants to do more of what they love then the Competitive Program is for them.

We're different.

We know that focused training promotes critical thinking and self-awareness.

We believe that competitive dance does have a place within the dance educational scope, but we believe it should be healthy, fun, friendly and balanced.

We believe that family comes first.

These are some of the details that we feel are important to note regarding our Competitive Program:

1. Transparent costs - everything you are expected to pay, upfront, before you commit.

2. The commitment schedule for the entire season (rehearsals, fittings, etc)

3. Monthly workshops for all competitive students in a wide variety of disciplines. We strongly believe that varied training = adaptable and talented performers

4. We plan to attend 3 competitions per year and 1 convention. (IE: Emphasis on training, classes and workshops within the competition weekend)

5. We promote Ego-Free competition. Along with our promise to nurture students whole selves    (health and wellness, emotional and social needs as well as technique) We believe these things are important to participate in:

i. Charity Events and Fundraising to support local good causes

ii.Community event performances (ie. Parades, festivals, senior homes, schools)

If the above sounds like something that would fit your family please give us a call to discuss competitive options!