Competitive Dance

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We're improving the way dancers compete. 1 dancer at a time...

Smarter Training:

Using focused training to target specific results, dancers will train "smart", not long. (Translation: smarter training=less time in the studio and less money spent!)

More Opportunities:

We are all industry professionals.

The School's network of agents, choreographers, performers and instructors means more access to real life opportunities for dancers and actors. (ie: we know what's happening outside of the studio environment and we will expose our students to as many positive opportunities as we can.) 

Lasting Experiences:

At The School we believe in whole child learning. Ie: We put equal emphasis on building a family friendly, developmentally healthy environment for our dancers as well as training their bodies. This leads to life long friendships and awesome experiences!

Less Hassle:

Rehearsals for the year mapped out ahead of time. Pricing is transparent. No due dates. Simple and straightforward in every way.

More Fun!!

Really, this one should be first. After all, why do we do this? Because we love it.
Because it's fun! And at The School we promise to make sure that it stays that way for each and every one of our students. .

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Build Confidence!

Create Lifelong Friendships

Do More of What you Love