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Teens 11+

Our instructors are all professional dancers and instructors with university degrees and post secondary training that is specific to the study of dance.

We also offer a bunch of payment options including pay-as-you-go!

This allows your teen to get comfortable enough with a discipline to know if it’s for them or not without a major commitment or cost. Of course you can always take a trial class first to be super sure.

Also… Exams got us a little stressed? We’re parents too. We get that sometimes something’s gotta give and ballet might have to be it this week. No problem, just take any other age appropriate class that we offer to make up for it.

What will my teen learn?
At this stage of learning students are taught using a skills based approach. Students at this stage are encouraged to develop their own works in class, participate in community performances, continue to work on technical abilities. Improved psychological health, physical/body awareness, self confidence and their ability to cope with stress are just some of the benefits to continuing dance, drama or music for this age group.

First time taking classes? You’re never too old to start! We offer many classes for the beginner teen!

Looking for competitive classes?