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We accept registrations until March 1st 2020! Between our varied pricing options, 100% money back guarantees, makeup classes and drop in options, we know you’ll always find something that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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#EgoFree Competitive Team

We believe in training hard, training properly and when we chose the competitions we are going to attend our awards speak for themselves. ⁠⠀ Without Ego, without judgement. ⁠⠀

Our classes are full of hand picked clients who truly share a love of dance and value:

a) proper technique above all
b) a positive, ego-free learning environment
c) access to learn from working, industry professionals
d) clean, beautiful space with all the perks and extras to make them feel special
e) time spent with family and friends (ie: NOT 40hrs at the studio)

We believe that we are in the business of developing not only strong bodies, but strong minds and hearts as well. ⁠⠀

Have signed my son up for gymnastics and dance lessons at The School which were great fun. Also took advantage of their party offerings for his fourth birthday which I can’t say enough about. The ability to select an activity (from their many offerings) for the party, the flexibility to bring in your own food/decorations or have them be supplied, the staff who managed everything (from wrangling the kids, to set up and takedown/cleanup, food service and entertainment) AND the reasonable price? It was genuinely the most painless party planning experience I’ve ever had with 14 pre-schoolers and all their adults! ????