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Competitive Program

Read below for a little bit of info on our methods and ethos.

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We do things a little differently and we think you’ll love us. That’s why we have all of our pricing and schedules available to view whenever you want to check them out. (just scroll to the bottom of this page)

At The School, we use a boutique training method. (There’s a link to a blog post on this method if you’re not familiar with it.)

Our boutique method means that we can offer our clients certain perks that they wouldn’t get at a larger or more traditional studio.

Some of these include;

– year-round training (yes, we offer training through the summer)
– Flexible, transparent fees and no surprise ones
– online access to your account at all times
– access CLI’s  online classes 24/7
– complimentary high-end coffee and tea for parents
– On-trend, high-quality uniforms
– unlimited classes – as in completely unlimited!!
– no charge for extra barre and tech classes
– no extra fees or surprise invoices
– a beautiful lobby with free (powerful!) wifi
– tons of free extra performance opportunities and more!

But definitely, the most important detail of all is this phrase…

Ego Free. ⁠⠀
We use this phrase so much around the studio I’m sure the dancers are tired of hearing it. BUT it needs to be said!!⁠⠀

This is our mantra, our incantation, the phrase we stick to and live by when it comes to dance competition. ⁠⠀
Why? ⁠⠀
We believe that we are in the business of developing not only strong bodies but strong minds and hearts as well. ⁠⠀
We are all in this together and we train as one. ⁠⠀
One dancer’s strength is another’s weakness so there is NO ROOM FOR EGO when we train.⁠⠀

This might seem counterintuitive with regard to the very act of attending competition at all, but we believe that by being highly selective about the kind of competitions we attend, we can achieve a balance that is healthy and beneficial to our dancers.

Without Ego, without judgement. ⁠⠀

Competitive Testimonials

Our family of two teenage competitive dancers switched to The School two years ago. We were looking for a studio that had great teachers, a wide variety of classes such as musical theatre and aerial silks, flexibility, and a friendly atmosphere. Our girls had felt torn between dance and other passions and commitments in the past, which led to very stressful experiences for them and our family, all while trying to do something that should have been enjoyable. When we found The School it was like a breath of fresh air. Our daughters tried a few of the classes and they loved the teachers they met and the positive atmosphere right from the start.

Our family made the difficult decision to leave one of the largest and most prominent dance schools in the GTA. We were frustrated with the previous school’s lack of communication, their exorbitant and hidden fees, the intimidation that was projected toward parents and dancers, and with the decisions that were made autonomously. We conducted some research and found The School. We are so glad that we did! When we visited for the first time, we were astounded that we were able to speak with the owners (this was unheard of at the previous studio). We realized immediately that we had found what we had been looking for!

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