Welcome to The School!

The School is owned by Krystal Ferguson and Lindsay Duncan. This is our story, our ethos and our philosophy…

As dance and theatre instructors we have over 20 years experience helping kids achieve their creative goals. We’ve been professional dancers, professional actors, directors, choreographers and other very exciting things that we were wildly talented at!

Then we became parents.

And that gig? Let’s just say we’re still working on it!

After over 20 years immersed in the business of dance and fitness education we had a realization: That Children (ours and yours) are the reason we craved something more.

Something that would allow children to train at a facility that would nurture our kids and respect our clients and families the way we do at home everyday.

We wanted a school where children’s whole development and needs were met, as well as their physical and technical needs.

Thus we decided to open our ideal school. The School – Creative Arts Education.

Welcome to our school.

We promise to inspire, nurture and develop your child’s creativity and artistic skills  and to provide free wifi, coffee and a place to grown up conversation with other families while we’re at it!


Lindsay Duncan and Krystal Ferguson

Learn more about our values

Imagine a school where...

…whole child development is as important as pointing your toes

…children experience the lifelong benefits of a creative arts education

…families can experience the arts together without strain on family life

…costs are transparent and the registration experience is straightfoward

…students have exceptional training in the arts using a skill based syllabus

Our Philosophy

At the School we believe that it is our responsibility to present the arts to your child in a way that nurtures their whole selves.

We believe (know!!) that participation in arts programs develops children’s motivation, self confidence, improves critical thinking skills, provides fine and gross motor skill mastery and will provide children with the tools they need to lead a happy, confident life well beyond the school years.

We believe in giving back to our community through performance opportunities and neighbourhood events

We believe that following an industry trusted syllabus that allows students and parents to track progress and to advance to post secondary education if desired

We believe that children should be “brought to the arts” in a fun, engaging and nurturing manner

We believe in Ego-Free competition, and that students can participate in competitive dance in a healthy way but that it is not the only path to a full dance education.